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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Shivyog - Rishikesh Samadhi Shivir November 2009

Shivyog - Rishikesh Samadhi Shivir November 2009
Shiv Yog Samadhi Retreat is usually a five day residential camp that is held on the bank of Ganges in Rishikesh. It is an opportunity to spend five days in the energy field of the His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji.
Twice every year Babaji takes the seekers to Rishikesh so that they can release all the stress and impressions collected during the six months and can grow spiritually to attain their ultimate aim. Intensive meditations such Meeting with one's Soul, Meeting with the Spiritual Gurus and Ascended Masters, Rebirthing, Healing of Past Lives etc. are an integral part of these retreats. These retreats charge and energies the participants so that they are totally prepared to face their competitive surroundings once they return.
The holy city of Rishikesh is the best place for these deep meditations as the whole environment is charged with the energy of thousand of Ancient Indian Siddhas that have meditated there. The sadhaks also receive the blessings of the Holy Ganges and are helped to shed their loads of Karmas.
Babaji Says that every soul comes on the planet earth with a specific purpose. In order to achieve their purpose these souls choose a particular vibrational level of each of the seven factors that affect the life of an individual. These include health, prosperity, relationship, children, carrier etc. But when they come on this planet, under the influence of Maya they forget their very purpose and also the energy of the seven factors starts vibrating at a lower frequency. If health is vibrating at a lower frequency it means occurrence of diseases, poor health. If relationship is vibrating at a lower frequency it results in unhappy marriage. If prosperity factor is vibrating at a lower frequency it means lack of wealth etc.
Shiv Yog Samadhi Shivir is a lifetime opportunity where Babaji will take you to a deep level of Samadhi where he will make you meet your highest spiritual guides who will remind you of your purpose of coming on this planet and will also give you the necessary guidance to achieve your goal. When you will be in deep Samadhi the frequency of vibration of the various factors of the life is increased to the highest level so that all the participating Sadhaks enjoy a very healthy and a prosperous life. These are the two key factors that will be focused during this camp.
Babaji says at least three such Shivirs are needed to completely detoxify your body from ill effects of modernization. Our senior Sadhaks who have attended this programme in the earlier years are having fantastic life unimaginable to them, as is the power of this secret siddha programme. Everybody is wholeheartedly invited to attend this programme at Rishikesh. For your convenience it is advisable that you make an early registration, as number seats are strictly limited.
The next Shiv Yog Samadhi Shivir - 18th Nov to 28th Nov 2010
The registration donation for the program is Rs 10,000/-, for VIP seats it is Rs 15,000/- and for donor seats it is Rs 18,000/-
(Param Pujaya Avdhoot Baba Shivanad Ji,Pujaya Guru Maa Ji,Acharya Ishan Shivanand Ji & Adarniya Geetanjali JI)

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